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Sorting of screws and fasteners in accordance with ISO standards

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About Us

JI Wercs Inc. is an established ISO Certified sorting company in Streamwood, Illinois. This family-owned business acquires more than 35 years experience in the fields of quality assurance, sophisticated screw machine operation, aseptic pharmaceutical manufacturing, telecommunication and electronic manufacturing, information technology, and software engineering.

This, coupled with our highly motivated customer service environment, makes us a great team to meet all your fastener sorting needs.

Sorting Services in Streamwood

Service Overview

1. Warehousing Services

We understand the critical importance of efficient warehousing. Our state-of-the-art warehousing services ensure your products are stored securely, managed efficiently, and delivered on time. With advanced technology and a commitment to excellence, we provide flexible solutions tailored to your business needs. Choose JI Wercs, Inc for streamlined warehousing that enhances your supply chain operations.

2. Professional Sorting Services

Achieving operational excellence begins with meticulous sorting. Our professional sorting services guarantee organized, systematic handling of your goods. With expert teams and advanced processes, we ensure your items are categorized, prepared, and ready for efficient distribution. Partner with us and experience the difference of organized precision.

3. Quality Control Services

Quality is paramount in every business operation. We pride ourselves on offering top-tier quality control services. Our experienced teams closely monitor and assess your products, ensuring they meet the highest standards. With our stringent checks and dedication to perfection, we provide your reputation remains untarnished. Trust JI Wercs, Inc to uphold and enhance your product’s integrity.

Warehousing Services