What is the Role of Quality Assurance and Quality Control in Your Supply Chain?

September 12, 2023
quality control services for fastener service
quality control services

Before we get into the aspects of quality assurance and quality control, how it benefits your supply chain, etc., you must first understand why we emphasize quality assurance and control so much. 

Every year, Apple Inc. launches a new swarm of devices to expand its already established technology set. Naturally, millions of people are keen on getting their hands on the latest and coolest additions to probably the most sought-after gadgets in the world. However, unlike other brands, Apple prices its products in a way that makes them a desirable option for most consumers. This is because Apple’s market revolves around creating brand awareness and desire towards their products, making people spend an expensive amount to enter Apple’s consumer category.  

Among the millions of people, you are also someone eager to finally upgrade from an Apple phone you bought years ago to the newest one, equipped with all the latest features, irrespective of the fact that doing so will cost you considerable money. Now Imagine you buy the latest Apple phone. You eagerly unbox it, only to discover the camera does not work. Your disappointment is palpable, and you are left navigating the cumbersome returns process. 

Now think about how you would feel towards the brand; not great, right? This unfortunate experience shows why businesses must pay attention to quality. Even a minor defect can impact customer satisfaction, erode trust, and affect profitability in the long run.

Screwing in the same context, through this blog, we aim to hit the nail on the head and demystify the often complex subjects of Quality Assurance (QA) and Quality Control Service(QCS). Understanding these two pillars is essential in a world where quality can set you apart from your competitors. So, let us dive right in and explore how JI Wercs Inc. leverages these principles to meet all your fastener sorting needs with unbeatable reliability.

What is Quality Assurance (QA)?

Quality Assurance, or QA for short, is all about ensuring things are done correctly from the beginning. It is like the recipe book you use to make fantastic pasta for your Saturday night date. You want to impress them, right? So you wouldn’t just toss in ingredients randomly; you would follow specific steps and measures to make sure the pasta turns out perfect when you make it.

In the same way, QA helps businesses set up the best “recipe book” for making their products or providing their services. It involves creating guidelines, training people, and choosing the right tools and machines. All of these efforts aim to prevent mistakes and defects before they happen. It’s a proactive approach, meaning it focuses on stopping problems before they start rather than fixing them after they occur.

For example, if we at JI Wercs Inc. are sorting fasteners for your manufacturing needs, our QA processes would involve ensuring our sorting machines are top-notch and well-maintained. We would also train our staff well to handle these machines, and we would establish clear guidelines on how to do the sorting. We prepare this way before sorting a single fastener, ensuring you receive the highest quality right from the start.

Here is an Example

Suppose a client made car parts, and they decided to partner with us at JI Wercs Inc. to help them sort the good pieces from the bad ones. How would our Quality Assurance help them out? Well, the answer is straightforward. Before we even started sorting, we would make sure everything was set up right. With a specially trained team who knows exactly how to sort car parts in our arsenal, we would not just be randomly picking pieces.

What is Quality Control (QC)?

If Quality Assurance is like following a great recipe to make sure your pasta turns out right, think of Quality Control (or QC) as the taste test that you would do before handing the pasta out to your date. Even with the best recipes, things can sometimes go wrong. Maybe the pasta was not boiled enough. Or you got distracted and messed up the pasta sauce. You left the sauce in the pan too long. That is where Quality Control comes in. It is the step where you would check the pasta to see if it turned out as delicious as you hoped.

In the business world, QC happens after a product is made. It is the final check to catch any mistakes or defects that might have slipped through despite your best efforts. Let’s use the example of sorting car parts. We would not just congratulate ourselves once we finish the sorting process. Also, We would not ship the parts off right away. We would do more before sending the sorted parts out. No, we would double-check instead to make sure no bad parts got mixed in with the good ones. And if there was a problem, we would fix it and figure out how to prevent it from happening again.

Here is an Example

Okay, imagine yourself as one of our customers who decided to store a bunch of electronics – maybe smartphones, laptops, or other gadgets in our warehouse at JI Wercs Inc. It’s understandable that you would want assurance the items are being kept in good condition. At JI Wercs, Quality Control routinely checks storage factors such as temperature and humidity to guarantee your electronics are not exposed to conditions that could diminish their quality. Moreover, immediate corrective measures would be taken if any defects were found. So basically, our Quality Control system would be just like having a super-observant guard on duty 24/7  who would regularly check essential things like the room temperature and the moisture level in the air. Why? Because too much heat or humidity could mess up your electronics.

How to Do Quality Assurance and Quality Control Complement Each Other?

You might want to think of Quality Assurance (QA) and Quality Control (QC) as two best friends who are good at different things but work together to help you succeed. Both would want the same result: a top-notch product you can be proud of.

Whenever set up with a task, Quality Assurance is the planner of the duo. It sets the stage to make sure everything goes smoothly from the start. It is like a football team manager deciding upon the strategies and tactics necessary to win a game. 

On the other hand, Quality Control is the football team captain who checks if the players are thoroughly following all the strategies and tactics once they set foot on the pitch. QC must double-check and ensure everything is just as you planned. If a player becomes fatigued or hurt during a game, the captain or quarterback coach helps the player through the situation and notifies the manager so the team can still perform well.

So, while QA and QC have different jobs, they work together to ensure you have the best possible product. One sets you up for success, and the other ensures you achieve it. Together, they are your dream team for achieving quality.

Why Does Your Business Need Both Quality Assurance and Quality Control?

If you own a business where delivering quality products and services are your goals, implementing Quality Assurance (QA) would set you apart from the competition, helping you achieve success. At the same time, Quality Control (QC) ensures you would hit the mark every single time. With the help of the two, minimizing errors, saving time and money, and boosting customer satisfaction could all be a reality. Read on to see how these could be crucial for your successful business.

It Would Mitigate the Risk

In any business, avoiding risks is crucial; this is where Quality Assurance comes in. Through it, you could develop a robust plan to minimize the chances of messing things up. It is like the top-of-the-line security system you would install in your home, so you do not have to worry about break-ins. Conversely, Quality Control acts like your vigilant security guard who double-checks that all is well, catching and fixing any problems before they escalate. When these two work in tandem, they effectively shield you from the risks of defects and operational hiccups, providing an extra layer of security that ensures things run smoothly.

It Would be Cost-effective

Getting things right the first time is not only smart but also saves money in the long run. Think about it; preventing an issue is usually cheaper than fixing it later. Quality Control further contributes to this by catching any slip-ups, reducing the expensive aftermath of recalls or bad reviews. At JI Wercs Inc., we integrate both Quality Assurance and Quality Control to ensure your operations are effective and economically sound.

It would Improve Customer Satisfaction.

This old saying states that a satisfied customer is a repeat customer. There is a lot of truth to that. When people know they can rely on the quality of your products or services, they are far more likely to return. Quality Assurance ensures you offer a consistently good product by laying down procedures that guarantee excellence. Quality Control makes sure that products/services consistently meet the highest standards. When customers see this level of commitment to quality, they do not just stick around—they become advocates for your brand.


At JI Wercs Inc., getting quality right can differentiate between a successful business and one that struggles. That is why, at JI Wercs Inc., we are serious about ensuring everything we do is top-notch. Whether we are helping you sort items for you or storing them in our warehouse, we utilize special rules and checks to make sure everything is perfect. In this profit-minded world, we would love to be your super-smart and efficient friend who helps you organize your business and double-check to ensure everything fits in just right.

We aim to remove your worries about quality. This way, you can focus on growing your business. It also allows you to keep your customers smiling. With advanced systems installed, we look out for problems before they happen and catch any that slip through. Have we left you curious about how we do it? Get in touch with us. We will be happy to help you. We will help you find the quality you want. You will get this quality every single time.



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